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Helpful Tips!

Do you have an itchy dog? We can help!

Try changing the first three ingredients in all your food, treats and snacks. Itchy Dog or Cat Check List (Most common causes to least common) Really common

  • Corn, Wheat or food dyes in the diet, most of the grocery store foods contain these ingredients
  • Corn or Wheat from biscuits, popcorn( is corn), pepperoni sticks, noodles, toast, table scraps, stuff the kids drop, stuff the neighbors feed them, and pretty common is cat poop =(.
  • Chlorine from city water, from baths or toilets or their water bowls.

Fairly common

  • Fleas.
  • Porous bowls like plastic and non-coated ceramic, they hold the bacteria in and can cause infections, we recommend stainless or coated ceramic.
  • Bathing too often, more than once a month, and the shampoo makes a big difference, use a mild non detergent shampoo, the other shampoos strip too much of the natural oil off.

Almost non-existent

  • Pollen or airborne allergens like mold and possibly other critter dander.
  • Meat source such as chicken or lamb, notice the position on the list (least common) vets often point this out first when the problem is really one of the others on the list.


Scared of thunder or fireworks?

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Do you have a flat faced pet?

Animals with Flat Faces, like Pugs and Persian Cats, are more susceptible to heat stroke since they cannot pant as effectively…

In the shade, and especially in humid conditions, Dogs need to inhale air cooler than their normal body temperature of 102 degrees…. In fact, even 80 degree air temperatures can be dangerous!


Heat help for hot pets.

Heat Help!

#1 Most important nutrient fresh cool water, change often and keep it full.

#2 Provide shade by stringing tarps up or leaning plywood against a wall or fence.

#3 Sprinklers reduce heat put on top of doghouses, chicken pens, stall etc.

     Tip: Turn a sprinkler on so animals can chose to stand in it or lay by it.

#4 Energy needs actually increase with the need to stay cool. Similar to a freezing day so provide good quality feed early mornings or late evenings not when they are over heated and panting.

   Tip: float their food in a bowl of water 1 cup dry to 2 cups water (like a bowl of cereal)


Bathing your itchy dog.

Itchy dogs that are allergic to wheat and corn may also be allergic to shampoos and conditioners containing wheat germ oil and proteins. Check your ingredient label for these products. Also bathing a dog that has fleas just makes matters worse.  The fleas go inside the dog and they carry tapeworm larva.


Water - the most important nutrient for livestock!

THE ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT WATER, if the water bucket is dry double it the next day keep doubling until the buckets are left over half full. If the bucket is left with an inch or two of water every day try adding another bucket to see if you can get them to drink


Founder, Laminitis and Cushing in Horses

Thunder makes for high nitrogen soaking that really makes the grass grow. Limit or remove horses prone to founder for several days after a heavy rain during a thunderstorm. Many easy keeper horses benefit from magnesium and chromium supplementation year around with heavier doses during the greening of the grass, temps of 54 degrees plus make the grass grow especially when it stays warm at night.